Advisory Board

 McRae Co-Director: Heather McRae
Associate Dean/Engaged Learning 
Faculty of Extension
 Jorge Sousa Co-Director: Jorge Sousa
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, Educational Policy Studies
 Mandie Abrams Mandie Abrams
Manager, Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, Work Force Strategy
 Walter Archer Walter Archer
Research Office, Extension Specialist, Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
 Art Deane
Art Deane
Consultant, HDC Human Development & Manager, SafeThink™ HDC
 Jason Foster Jason Foster
Academic coordinator, Industrial Relations, Athabasca University, School of Business

  Milosh Raykov
Post-doc and statistical research analyst from Centre for the Study of Education and Work at OISE
 Bonnie Watt-Malcolm Bonnie Watt-Malcolm
Assistant Professor, Secondary Education, University of Alberta
  Omar Yaqub
Economic Development Officer, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (Business)
  Deborah Hicks
Ph.D. Student, Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta

Lana Vandenberghe
2-247A Enterprise Square
Edmonton, AB T5J 4P6