Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules by Matt Adolphe
~ Newcomers to the Canadian workforce are often completely unaware of the unspoken, unwritten rules of workplace 
conduct. This book reveals why certain behaviours don’t work in Canada’s conflict-averse culture. Adolphe uses 
familiar situations to highlight what happens when you get it wrong and lays out ten genuinely helpful, accessible and 
easily applicable rules that enable workers to fit in, become accepted and prosper.
Publisher: Bold World Books ISBN: 978-0-9868528-4-8
Format: 5 X 8 Paperback Pages: 96
Publication Date: October 2013 Now in Stock!

Challenging Transitions in Learning and Work: Reflections on Policy and Practice PDF Document 
Edited by Peter Sawchuk, University of Toronto, & Alison Taylor, University of Alberta Canada. Feb 2010

Global Perspectives on Adult Education PDF Document
Edited by Ali A. Abdi & Dip Kapoor,
Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta, Dec. 2008

Education and Jobs: Exploring the Gaps 
D.W. Livingstone
Publisher site

The Future Of Lifelong Learning and Work: Critical Perspectives 
D.W. Livingstone, K. Mirchandani & P.H. Sawchuk (Eds.) From CSEW
Sense Publishers, NL, 2008 or online at  
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