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  • Two reports on TFWs in Nursing and in Trades in Alberta

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Quick Facts

~ Temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in Alberta Dec 2007 37,257
~ TFWs in Alberta, Dec 2003 11, 462
~ Percentage increase from Dec 2003 to Dec 2007 225%
~ TFWs in Canada, Dec 2007 201, 057
~ TFWs in Canada, Dec 2003 110,476
~ Percentage increase from Dec 2003 to Dec 2007 82%
~ Total new Immigrants in Canada under “Economic Class” 2007 131,248

Alberta has more legal temporary foreign workers per capita than the entire USA

More Stats: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/resources/statistics/facts2008/temporary/01.asp


Alberta's official immigration website 

Temporary Foreign Workers site - an initiative of the Construction Sector Council

Language for Work: CLB and Essential Skills for Trainers. Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks

Common Ground: English in the Workplace Train the Trainer PDF Document

Video - How to improve the Alberta Human Rights Commission - by Janet Keeping

The curriculum Building Basics: ESOL Toolkit for General Construction, Landscaping, Painting and Plumbing

Money Talks: An ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) Toolkit for Financial Literacy. The Virginia Adult Education Learning Center (Virginia Commonwealth University.

Hotel T.E.A.C.H. Project Curriculum - This website contains a curriculum to address the needs of immigrant adults employed in ‘back of the house’ jobs in hotels.

Karibuni: Exploring the experiences, challenges and barriers faced by immigrants coming to Canada
Karibuni offers workshops to help participants explore the experiences, challenges and barriers facing newcomers to Canada. Ways are identified to build equitable and inclusive spaces for immigrants in their new communities. ...more

News Release - Alberta increases protection for temporary foreign workers 
December 10, 2007

Province steps up enforcement measures and opens two advisory offices
in Edmonton... The Alberta government has set up two special advisory offices for temporary foreign workers and established a team of inspectors to help ensure they are being treated fairly in their workplaces.

“Temporary foreign workers are helping to fill a critical need in our province. It is essential that they are treated fairly,” said Iris Evans, Minister of Employment, Immigration and Industry. “While these workers are protected by the same laws as other Alberta workers, they may be more vulnerable to exploitation. They may, for example, be unfamiliar with Alberta law. The steps we are taking today will allow us to be more proactive in our enforcement activities and will ensure these workers have somewhere to go when they need help.”

Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) Symposium Archives - 6 December 2007

TFW Program: The legal and jurisdictional framework

Anu Wilson with Service Canada discusses the role of the Foreign Worker Unit and Labour Market Opinions (LMO).



Hopes & Challenges: Inland Reports PDF Document
by Elena Oursou & Hilde Houlding, 2007

The Calgary Immigrant Aid Society (CIAS) conducted a study to examine the phenomenon of foreign-born immigrants migrating to Calgary from other provinces. As part of the study the research team consulted with selected stakeholders to explore the resources and mechanisms needed by the community to ensure that the migrants have access to appropriate employment and opportunity for participation in the community. The project was sponsored by the United Way of Calgary and Area.