Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) in Nursing: Alberta and Manitoba Perspectives (2010) - Symposium Report

This symposium was held on Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at the Edmonton Room at the Stanley M. Milner Library in downtown Edmonton. The symposium served as a sequel to earlier WLN events related to TFWs in Alberta. It’s purpose aimed at understanding cross-provincial issues and addressing the challenges confronting temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in nursing beyond Alberta. The program, acknowledging the diversity of workers involved, was directed on one area that has been a focus of recent recruitment—TFWs in nursing. The three-part symposium showcased the topic of TFWs in Alberta and Manitoba from the viewpoints of 1) government politicians and department staff; 2) healthcare administrators; and 3) researchers.

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Pre-conference TFW Symposium (2008)

The Temporary Foreign Worker Research Symposium was sponsored by the Work and Learning Network for Research and Policy (WLN) and the Prairie Metropolis Centre for Research on Immigration, Integration and Diversity at the University of Alberta on Friday, 24 October 2008.

The purpose of this symposium was to bring together people who are doing or intend to do research related to temporary foreign workers (TFWs) and people who are interested in current and future research. This report is an account of the discussion and exploration of ideas for opportunities for collaborative research projects on TFWs.

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WLN Temporary Foreign Workers Symposium Report (2007)

Finding a home in the global economy: Temporary Foreign Workers in Alberta
This is the report of the Work and Learning Network's symposium on temporary foreign workers held on December 6th, 2007.

In the first session representatives from the federal government and the provincial government spoke to their roles in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The second session’s speakers addressed the reality of temporary foreign workers. Advocates from Catholic Social Services and the Alberta Federation of Labour spoke to the daily issues that temporary foreign workers face.

In the third session the national and international context of migrant workers was brought into view.
In the final session, a discussion was facilitated about what needs to happen next in the context of temporary foreign workers and the university. The report includes a summary of the panel presentations and questions and themes that emerged.

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Other TFW Reports

Temporary Foreign Workers Advocate (AFL) 2009

In November 2007, the AFL Temporary Foreign Worker Advocate released “Alberta’s Disposable Workforce” which examined the working and living conditions of temporary foreign workers in Alberta, documenting serious exploitation and abuse. In the months since, a lot has changed in Alberta as the boom turned to bust, it is important to update Albertans on the state of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).This second report updates the findings of the first report and evaluates government responses and policy changes in the past two years. It also examines how the economic downturn is affecting temporary foreign workers. It offers an analysis of what the entrenchment of the TFWP means for Canada and includes a renewed set of recommendations.

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Temporary Foreign Workers - Alberta's Disposable Workforce 2007

The AFL's TFW Advocate's 6-month Report outlines the disturbing problems inherent in the federal government's TFW program, highlights exploitation of foreign workers by employers and labour brokers, and offers recommendations to immediately protect temporary workers currently in Alberta.

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TFW Symposium Panel resources on The Canadian and global contexts

Presentation by Karen D. Hughes, University of Alberta

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The Migrant Work in International Law

Presentation by Winston Gereluk, Athabasca University

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