Seminars 2013

Title: Graduate Student Poster Presentations On Research In Work And Learning
March 13, 2013

Presenters: The Graduate Students of the EDPS 545

This session showcased research posters on topics related to work and learning produced by graduate students in EDPS 545: Learning and the Workplace. Topics included: Creating expansive learning environments for student practicums in health professions; Communities of practice for teachers and apprentices; Post-secondary student internships; Learning culture and learning organizations in post-secondary education; & Induction/hazing/ initiation in the workplace.

Title: The Career-Related And Vocational Education In Japanese High Schools
March 14, 2013

PRESENTER: Dr. Atsushi Okabe

Okabe presented an historical overview of the Japanese high school system and their curriculum from the perspective of integrating academic and vocational education. He explored the reasons why he became interested in School-to-Work programs in Alberta high schools by sharing some of his findings from his doctoral research regarding Alberta’s education system.

PowerPoint Presentation

Title: Developing Emerging Leaders: An Organizational Approach
April 23, 2013

Presenter: Mandie Abrams, Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, Workforce Strategy Program Manager

It takes an organization to develop a leader! The Developing Emerging Leaders Strategic Framework identifies the organizational principles, practices and indicators that support the development of leaders within non-profits. This seminar explored the development and reception of the Strategic Framework, and explore the conditions necessary to strengthen leadership in Alberta’s non-profit sector.

PowerPoint Presentation