Seminars 2003

Title: Work and Learning Connections - Research and Policy Perspectives
April 8, 2003


Group Discussion: Research Needs and Policy Issues in Work and Learning

Q. What is the definition of work?
Panel: That is one of the issues being debated in the literature--i.e if one is talking about paid employed work that must be clear, there is no longer just one kind of work;
Panel: Expand thinking to to think beyond nature of work beyond non-profit, small business, large corporation. Can you really apply learning org. concepts equally to all different learning settings?
Panel: Also need to talk about distinction between paid and unpaid work--unpaid work has not been written about

Q. What are the issues related to work and identity?
Panel: Identity and identities. People carry multiple identities in multiple work settings-another area of specific research that is needed.
Panel: Also the whole area of work and volunteerism may be something to be added as a component to be included
Panel: Volunteerism has been shown that people have more control over their learning

Q. How much control do people actually have over setting their own life long learning courses?
Panel: This is why I am looking at what goes on in high schools. Guidance counselors are saying that choices students make are going to have future implications on their life
Panel: There is a need to explore relationship between legislation and learning; i.e. safety learning takes place because of legislation. A lot of safety education is mis-education and puts emphasis on employee without bearing responsibility of company. Employer has obligation to provide safe work place even if employees don't want it (judicial ruling in 1930).

Other issues that are of interest to today's participants:

  • What is impact of credentialing on life long learning?
  • Is there a concern about the privatizing education?