Seminars 2004

Title: Work and Learning Perspectives
April 7, 2004


  • Alison Taylor & Susan Brigham, School -to-Work Transitions and 
  • Janice Wallace, Equity Issues in Schools as Workplaces

PowerPoint Presentations 
Alison Taylor:

Growing Health(y) Workers PDF Document

The Aboriginal Youth Career Pathway Initiative PDF Document

Title: The Work-Life Balance - Rhetoric vs Reality
May 13, 2004

Presenter: Linda Duxbury from Carleton University, Director of the Carleton Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work, and co-author of the national study "Voices of Canadians: Seeking Work-Life Balance". 

Other articles:

Work-Life Balance in the New Millenium: Where are We? Where Do We Need to go?

The 2001 National Work-Life Conflict Study: Report One (2002)

Work-life Conflict in the New Millenium: A Status Report (2003)

Where to Work in Canada? An Examination of Regional Differences in Work-Life Practices (2003)

Title: Relational Interdependence between the Individual and the Social: Theorising Learning and Development of Self through Work
June 30, 2004

Presenter: Stephen Billett from Griffith University in Australia.
Stephen is the Director of Adult and Vocational Educational Studies, and author of "Learning in the workplace: Strategies for effective practice".

Learning throughout working life: A relational interdependence between personal and social agency

Title: Skill Development for the New Economy: Who Benefits?
September 17, 2004

Presenter: Jane Cruikshank, Professor in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Regina. 

Her research is on lifelong learning and New Economy issues.

Copy of Paper PDF Document

Title: The Politics of Difference: Non/Recognition of Foreign Credentials and Prior Work Experience of Immigrant Professionals in Canada 
October 5, 2004

Presenter: Shibao Guo, Professor, Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta

PowerPoint Presentation PDF Document

Title: Action Research in the Workplace: Pedagogy or Pragmatism? That is the Question
October 20, 2004

Presenter: Stewart Hase, Director, Southern Cross Institute of Action Research, Southern Cross University , Australia

Title: Learning Corporate Social Responsibility: A panel discussion followed by questions and discussion.
Nov. 17, 2004


  • Winston Gereluk, Athabasca University, Academic Coordinator for Industrial Relations and Human Resources programs   PowerPoint Presentation PDF Document
  • Robin Schlese, representing Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC)   PowerPoint Presentation PDF Document