Seminars 2005

Title: The Take – a film viewing and discussion
April 1, 2005 

Discussants: Winston Gereluk and Bruce Spencer, labour studies professors and activists.

The film depicts the 2001 workers’ uprising in Argentina that triggered a national resistance.

The Take

Title: Essential Skills and Workforce Development
April 26, 2005

Facilitator: David Thornton, Workplace Skills Innovation Director, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

He spoke about the Essential Skills Research Project (ESRP), which has identified nine Essential Skills as common to all Canadian occupational groups and he gave an overview of the Essential Skills Initiative from a policy context, rationale (e.g. why these skills and not others), philosophy, and discussion of how decisions were made.

Title: English in the Workplace
May 20, 2005

Presenters: Tara Fenwick, Ev Hamdon, Joan Schiebelbein, Judy Sillito, Xiu Fung, Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta

A Reader’s Theatre presentation “Learning on the Line” based on a study of immigrant women’s learning in a garment factory from the 1940’s until its shutdown in 2004. The seminar featured Dr. Virginia Sauvé, a leading teacher of English in the workplace, and writer on issues of workplace adult basic education. She is author of Voices and Visions: an Introduction to Teaching Adult ESL. For many years she initiated and led the English-learning program for garment workers at the historic Edmonton GWG – Levi’s plant.

Learning on the Line: Voices of Garment Workers at Great Western Garment by Tara Fenwick

Title: Work and Learning Issues in the Non-Profit Sector -"It's not about the money!"
October 4, 2005

Facilitators: Val Mayes (Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations) and Wendy MacDonald (Grant MacEwan College - Executive Leadership in the Non-Profit sector program)
Supporting Documents:

Title: High School Apprenticeship Promoting Successful Transitions
October 25, 2005

Panel Presenters:  

Title: Film Presentation - Slavery: A Global Investigation
December 2, 2005

Facilitator: Lynette Shultz

A film about the continuing practices of slavery and forced labour in India, Ivory Coast, the United States, and Great Britain. 

Slavery Film