Seminars 2007

The Temporary Foreign Worker program: Impacts on Alberta
November 1, 2007 

Presenter: Shannon Marchand, Executive Director of Immigration Policy and Programs, Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry. 

An overview of the operation of the Government of Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker program, the role of the federal and provincial governments in its administration, and current issues associated with the program and potential future directions. Forty people were in attendance.

Research on Work and Learning
May 11, 2007

Presenters: Tara Fenwick, Sarah Hoffman, Janice Wallace, Alison Taylor, Robert McGray & Bonnie Watt-Malcolm

WLN Research - What does the workplace have to do* with education?
~ Dis/abilities in the Workplace - challenging ableist norms and learning to create able-ing 
          environments for all.
~ Partnership as a site of struggle.

Title: Addressing Workplace Realities - Putting you in the Driver's Seat 
May 9, 2007 
Co-facilitators: Ann Wilson of EPCOR and David McPhail of TELUS

A workshop designed as a networking and dialogue opportunity that will address topics on Corporate Perspectives on Workplace Learning.  

The following topics will be introduced by the facilitators and the floor opened to participants to share their thoughts and practices in addressing these current workplace realities. 

Scenario 1 - Generations

Today we find four generations in the workplace and their learning and work styles, career aspirations and thoughts related to work/life balance vary.  What are Workplace Learning and Organizational Effectiveness groups doing to address these changes?

Scenario 2 - Change 

Rapid change is a fact of life in workplaces today.  What approaches are used by Workplace Learning and Organizational Effectiveness groups to deal with change, large and small?

Scenario 3 - Need for Learning (time permitting)

People in organizations perceive the need for workplace learning in a variety of ways.  What considerations do Workplace Learning and Organizational Effectiveness groups bring to the fore to ensure sufficient resourcing for their Department?  And, what strategies do they undertake to educate others about the role and contribution of workplace learning and organizational effectiveness within the organization? 

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Title: Unprotected lifelong learning and the politics of hope: A feminist perspective
April 18, 2007

Presenter: Jill Blackmore , Professor of Education, Deakin University, Australia

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Topic: Disability effective inclusive policies: student and staff perspectives on experiences throughout the student lifecycle
February 7, 2007 

Presenters :

  • Ann-Marie Houghton, Director of REAP, Dept of Educational Research Lancaster University. Ann-Marie's research interests include: educational equality and social exclusion, disability and transition to higher education and employment, family learning. She has a "personal interest in raising awareness of the environmental barriers that inhibit people with any sort of disability from participating in all aspects of society". 

  • Pamela Coare, Director, Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sussex 

The paper presentation explores five issues - disclosure, transition, funding, legislation, and careers - that disabled students face as they progress through higher education and into employment. It draws on data from interviews with disabled students and university staff and considers how the higher education experience influences progression into employment.

Copies of the discussion papers arising from this project and for a general overview of the Institutional Disability Policy analysis ( DP1) can be found at: 

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