Seminars 2008

Title: Contemporary Lives:  Navajo youth, school, work, and  family 

Speaker: Donna Deyhle, Ph.D.

Donna Deyhle is a Professor in the Department of Educational Studies and the Ethnic Studies Program, and Co-Director of the American Indian Resource Center at the University of Utah. Her research and field work has focused on educational issues in cross-cultural settings in Brazil, Peru, Australia, and various American Indian reservations in the United States. Her area of specialization include: Multicultural Education, Anthropology of Education, Ethnographic/qualitative research methods and American Indian Education

She is the author of "Navajo Youth and Anglo Racism: Cultural Integrity and Resistance" in Harvard Educational Review (1995), co-author of "Culture and Child Development: Navajo Youth and the Middle School" in Theory Into Practice (with M. LeCompte, 1994), "Navajo Mothers and Daughters: Schools, Jobs, and the Family" in Anthropology & Educational Quarterly (with F. Margonis, 1995) and "Research in American Indian and Alaska Native Education: From Assimilation to Self-Determination" in Review of Research in Education (with K. Swisher, 1997).

Her current book (in press with University of Arizona Press) looks at what youth, vocational curriculum (based on racial ideas about Navajo culture and student "capability") and future job paths has meant for three Navajo women and their families.

Co-sponsored by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Department of Educational Policy Studies and the Work & Learning Network at The University of Alberta

A Native Presence:  Navajo Survivance and White Surveillance

Title:Risk and the school-to-work transition in East Germany and the United States
October 23, 2008

Speaker: Antje Barabasch, University of Magdeburg, Germany

Antje explained factors of individualization, structure, post-industrialization, and unification related to school-to-work transitions of East German youth compared to American youth.

PowerPoint Presentation PDF Document

Risk and the School-to-work Transition in East Germany and the United States PDF Document

Title: Class Encounters: Higher Education and Social Class 
: Professor Wolfgang Lehmann, Sociology Department, University of Western Ontario  
October 23, 2008 

Wolfgang's presentation was relevant to his research findings on first-generation Canadian university students.

Title:  Challenges and Opportunities for an Aging Workforce 
March 19, 2008

Join the following panellists for their perspective on the mature worker.

  • Mildred Klassen - Senior Policy Analyst, Labour Force Development Branch, Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry

  • Brian Staples - Chair, Seniors' Action and Liaison Team (SALT)

  • Adele Beaudry - Home Depot, Human Resource Manager

The topic of the aging workforce is increasingly in the news. Aging populations in the developed world mean an aging workforce and the need to be prepared for new challenges and opportunities in the workforce. Some of the main topics in this field include the changing definition of retirement, new ideas around workplace diversity and innovation, and the need for changes in policies so that individuals who want to stay in the workforce have that choice, while those needing earlier retirement still have that option available to them.  This seminar will respond to the question of how government, employers and labour organizations can best prepare to meet the needs of aging workers in order to maximize social and economic growth.

You will find the discussion paper on the Mature Workers in Alberta & British Columbia:Understanding the Issues and Opportunities at

Title: The Conference Board of Canada's Report on "Learning and Development Outlook 2007: Are we learning enough?"
February 27, 2008

Panel Presentation and Discussion on workplace-related Training, Learning and Development insights and challenges as outlined in the Conference Board report.

Panel Presenters:

  • Dr. Bruce Spencer, Professor, Centre for Work and Community Studies (Athabasca U) for a labour perspective;
  • Ann Wilson, Wilson & Associates Education Consultants, representing business, and
  • Laurette Morris, Director Strategic Policy and Supports, a government representative (AEII)

The ninth edition of the 'Learning and Development Outlook' summarizes the results of a questionnaire sent to 3,900 Canadian organizations in the summer of 2006. In addition to facilitating benchmarking, this report provides an analysis of Training, Learning and Development (TLD) patterns and trends in Canadian organizations.  These are presented in the context of the economic and demographic forces that are creating a skills crunch in the Canadian workforce.   

The Conference Board of Canada's Report on "Learning and Development Outlook 2007: Are we learning enough?"